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Plan, Passion, Create - 2 day seminar

Plan, Passion, Create - 2 day seminar

Nothing in life comes without intention, hard work, and a plan. This includes your photography business. You can't just depend on passion to create a long term successful business. It takes work, practice, creativity, and a plan to succeed. Let me show you how!


I have decided to take 6 people and work on them in an intimate setting to help create a fulfilling and profitable photography career. It can't happen without a lot of hard work and internal fortitude. 

Whether you are shooting portraits, weddings, commercial, or even landscapes, this seminar is for you.

This is a hands on seminar, so be ready to shoot!!!


 We will be using my 2000 sq ft state of the art studio

We will be using my 2000 sq ft state of the art studio

Friday Night 6-8pm: Meet, greet, and plan

Friday will consist of an informal sit down at the studio to meet everyone, and just say hi. We will also delve into passions, fears, and your mind set, We will also start our plan for each of you, for the next two days.

Saturday 9-6 : Creating a path for success

Saturday will entail delving into what we discovered the night before. How to overcome and obstacles before we begin shooting. Saturday will also be working on your individual photography style. I will be giving hands on presentations on how to use studio lighting and daylight to create your own look. 

You will be shooting too, and we will have several sets going, so you won't be standing around.

We will be covering the use of all types of lighting enhancers from beauty dishes, to fresnels and everything in between. We will also cover daylight photography too. I have beautiful north light in my studio, and will be teaching how to manipulate it.

I want Saturday to be the day for really shooting and exploring who you are and what your photography to say. 

I understand that not everyone has studio lights, so I will be showing techniques you can use with speed lights and household lights as well.

Sunday 9-6 : Making the plan

Sunday will begin with business basics as well as how to market your new found look. I want to do this early when the energy is there. Pricing, packaging and how to market yourself to the right clients.

I will also be doing a web edit of each of your websites, as well as critique of your logo and feel of your site.

We will continue shooting using artificial and natural light.

We will end the day with post production and a critique of the 2 days work.

I want this seminar to be about what you need from me, and not about what I want to teach you per se. I promise that at the end of this seminar, you will know who you are and how to market to them. You will also have your style honed, so doing shoots going forward you will know how to shoot for your own personal look.

I will be creating a private Facebook group for the attendees and we can start discussing the path you all want to take, so  I can create 6 different seminars. One for each of you! We will also be using the Facebook group after the seminar, so we can all keep in touch and keep each other in check.

I aslo have some other surprises in store for these two days. You know me, this is going to be amazing!

If you are ready to work hard for 2 days, I am willing to go all out for you!

I don't do many seminars anymore, as my commercial work doesn't allow it. I miss being able to help guide and teach willing photographers, so that's why I am creating this.

Are you ready?

Seminar is January 13-15th 2017 ONE LEFT!!

Cost : $500 for the 2 day plus meet and greet.

Sign up below 

Multiple flash shot

Multiple flash shot

Update on the Microsoft Surface

Update on the Microsoft Surface