kevin focht

Update on the Microsoft Surface

kevin focht
Update on the Microsoft Surface

I went into the local Microsoft store to check out the Surface and the Surface Pro today. I can honestly tell you, that it is making me rethink my affinity for Apple.

I have basically been a professional lifetime Apple user. I had one PC years ago, to just test out software I was designing. I absolutely hated it!

I said I would never buy a PC ever. These two computers are making me go ummmmm......

Apple has done some really strange things lately, that make me think they are just in for a money grab. First the iPhone 7 came out with no mini plug that has been the standard for 20 plus years. Now you "get" to spend another 150 bucks to have their proprietary headphones. 

I was so excited when I saw the new MacBook Pro with the scroll bar, but on further inspection it's missing a bunch of stuff that a pro photographer needs. No sd card reader, small amount of memory, not a big enough hard drive, and best of all USB C. No camera on the market uses this cord yet, so don't think about tethering unless you get some sort of adapter. I guess Apple doesn't care about the pro photographer anymore.

The Surface Pro is a work of art visually. It just looks cool, sort of like when the first iMac came out in aluminum. The coolest thing that both of them have is the pen tool. You can draw right on the screen!!! No more wacom pad! With the push of the top of the Surface Pro, you can push it flat. Imagine retouching on a screen flat....amazing. 

Another cool addition is the new tool called the Surface Dial. Hard to explain, but just imagine being able to scroll through images by turning a dial.

The Surface laptop is pretty cool too. Being able to take your laptop screen off and use it like a pad with the same pen is truly a wonder. It's also really, really, light. My one worry is that it seemed a bit top heavy. Not sure how that will work shooting on location.

My only trepidations, are the chance for virus and spyware that is so prevalent in the PC world. In 15 years, I have never gotten a virus on a mac and I have never had to use any protection. Part of the reason is that there aren't enough macs out there to make it worthwhile for hackers, then again it could be a software thing too.

The OS looks great and easy to use, not like the last version I used years ago. In the end, my next laptop will be a surface. I will give it a try and see how I can work it into my system. If that goes well, the Surface Pro will be in my system next year. 

If you are in the need for a new computer, I would suggest seriously think about the Surface Pro.