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Online Lighting Bootcamp with Kevin Focht

Online Lighting Bootcamp with Kevin Focht

Do you ever wonder why your shots don't look as good as some of the other photographers in your area? You have tons of gear, but for some reason your images just don't pop?

Maybe you are afraid to even try your gear, because it just seems to scary.

Regardless of how you feel about your lighting, it is the most important thing in any photograph. It doesn't matter if you have a great composition if the lighting sucks.

I'm here to help!!!

My brand new Lighting Bootcamp will take you through the logical steps I take to create stunning well lit imagery, regardless of light source. Daylight, continuous lighting, studio strobes, or even speed lights, the concepts are all the same.


100% Online! Watch and do assignments at your own leisure!

This online Lighting Bootcamp will be taught by video lessons and on a platform that everyone is familiar with......FACEBOOK!

The bootcamp will take place over three weeks. Every week, in a private Facebook group, I will release video lessons that you can watch at your own pace. At the end of each set of lessons, there will be an assignment that you can upload to be critiqued by the group and me! I've found that this is a great way to learn, getting feedback from your friends in the class.

The beauty of the private Facebook group, is the only people who can see what we are doing is our group. You can ask questions, throw out ideas, whatever. It's just for this group. I will even be available for chat from time to time. 

Lighting is easy, once you understand how it all works. At the end of this 3 week Online Lighting Bootcamp, you will understand lighting inside and out.

Class One

Class one will be all about daylight and continuous light sources. It's easier to understand what you are doing, when you can actually see what the light is doing.

We will cover lighting patters, angle of light, distance of light and how it affects your shots, as well as shapes of light.

Class Two

Class two we will be covering studio strobes as well as speed lights. Sticking with one light in this class will help you understand and not get hung up on too many lights and over thinking. We will also cover light modifiers in this class as well.

Class Three

Class three we will be getting into a little more advanced techniques and multiple lights. Don't get scared, I will walk you through step by step in easy to follow lessons. By the end of class 3 I promise you will have a grasp on how lighting works, and can put it into play in your own work!


Each class will have an assignment at the end that relates to the lessons. I think it's important to practice what you learned in the lesson, so you can get it into your long term memory.

My online classes have been a huge success over the years, and I have taught so many photographers that have gone on to amazing careers themselves. 

This Online Lighting Bootcamp is designed to take you from nothing to being able to light with proficiency at the end of the 3 weeks. Don't be worried if you think you don't know anything, I can guarantee there will be others in the class that feel the same.


Next Bootcamp starts May 15th!

 3 week Online Lighting Bootcamp early bird sign up is $50

(normally $75)

Click on the button below to sign up 

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