kevin focht

Light is well......Light!

kevin focht
Light is well......Light!

I was shooting for a new clothing shot the other day, trying to figure out how I was going to light it. I wanted a large light source and wanted it really pretty, with just a little bit of edge to it. I looked at all my gear and was racking my head. I turned around and looked at my 12 foot garage door facing north, and it hit me. Use the north light and build a set around it!


Kind of funny, how the simplest of things, just pass right by you. It was a bit cold out and raining, so I knew I would get a bit damp. As for the model, I just cranked up the heat and she didn't seem to mind.

I have the luxury of having two huge garage doors facing north. During the summer months, I have them open all the time. In the almost 2 years, I never thought about building a set around the doors.

After looking at the light on her, I decided it needed a little shadow to give it some depth. It was a tad too flat. I set up my 12 foot black felt panel to camera left, and it gave me what I needed. As I was shooting, I could control the light hitting the top of the background by moving the garage door up and down.

Here is a closer shot of the set up.

I set up my seamless with two C stands, and had to add C stands to the 12 foot fabric "wall" I had put on the left. The wind started blowing, so I had to add some sand bags to the bottom too.

The light was just stunning, as you can see from the shot below.


My make up artist Katherine, just did an outstanding job creating something interesting to shoot. The clothes were pretty and simple, and something needed to pop to make the shots. Working with a team you trust really makes your life easier.

Check out the behind the scenes video below!