kevin focht

The Cabin Photo Workshop Weekend

kevin focht
The Cabin Photo Workshop Weekend

I have  something really special to announce. I am having a photography weekend for 3 people at Karli's cabin in the woods of Oregon!

We will be together all weekend long, learning photography on exactly what you need help with. It may be lighting, business, marketing, post processing, whatever. We will have a whole weekend to learn and experience!


Nothing better than sitting around a fire and talking shop. I want this whole weekend to be a unique photography experience. I love teaching photography, especially on a one on one basis. The whole weekend will be all about photography, and i'm looking forward to sharing with a few special people.


The cabin is a great place to contemplate life and really think about things. This is the perfect place to really spend some time on creating what you want.

The cabin is nestled on a lake and the edge of the woods with walking trails around. Weather permitting, we will be going out, so be prepared for the elements.  I am looking forward to spending the weekend with you learning photography.


My fiancé Karli will be there too. If anyone wants to do yoga, she is a licensed yoga instructor, as well as a healer. She will be there to both help and inspire with her amazing heart.

As well as sharing the cabin, we will also be cooking and eating together. One thing I have learned in my 50 years, is the kitchen is where the heart is. Many great conversations were had while cooking dinner. 


The 2.5 day seminar is only $500 and that includes room and food. The cabin has room for 7.  It's clean, cozy, and filled with love.

The seminar is limited to 3 special people

The date is May 18-20

Please join us for this very unique experience!!

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